Your Design Reflects Your Purpose

(Individual & Group Coaching for Divine Purpose)

Discover Your Unique

Divine Design


Understand Your

Gifts, Skills, & Passions


Your Life Mission

When you answer these questions,

You Will Better Understand Who You Are, And what God Wants You to Do. 


Your Uniqueness

You are a Unique being. Your uniqueness is a composite of your parental heredity,  your environment and culture; your experiences, the good and bad; your education and training. Even words spoken over you and things said about you have helped to form who you are.  Some circumstances and events you will want to embrace and build upon; others you will want to dismiss and walk away from. Understanding your uniqueness is the first  step in discovering who you are.

Your Strengths

Your Strengths are composed of the spiritual and natural gifts and talents that God has placed in you.  These are the things that you do good and that just come natural for you. Sometimes they must be developed or you may need training; but everyone knows this is just who you are.  Think of them as tools that have been given to you by God to do what He has planned for you.  You will use them to perform your Purpose.

Your Passions

Your Passions are the hot buttons that motivate you to move and act.  These are the things you care about. It may be the problem you want desperately to solve. It may be the group of people whose pain you want to remove.  It may be the situation that brings tears to your eyes, or that causes you to dig deep into your pocket.  Whatever that Passion is, it will connect you to God's purpose and plan for you life,.

Do you focus on the Future?


Are you always giving money to causes?


Is your heart full of compassion to help others?


As your Coach, I want to partner with you, as you take intentional steps towards your future.