Why We Must Learn to Worship

In this video, I’m sharing something new that God has given me for the new year: a new perspective of him as a manager.

It begins by explaining how God operates in the same ways that we know managers to operate; i.e., he has a vision and mission statement, goals and plans, and who he uses to achieve his goals and plans.

From there we look into those God uses, e.g., angelic beings and human beings.  Most of the info is about the function and rank of angelic beings.

But the real interesting thing about this video is that it shifts into worship, and the real purpose of worship.  Very unplanned, but absolutely revealing.

It is a little long, and for that I apologize.  This one is about 19 minutes, and I usually try to keep them under 15.  But I think it’s worth the listen, especially for those under attack.

Optimism Without Truth Equals Deception

in this intense video, I explain how important it is that we balance our optimism with truth.

Optimism makes us feel good, whereas truth enables us to be good. This is precisely why our Lord Jesus called himself the Truth. It is our reality.

A little raw, but definitely worth the listen.

As I say in the video, you can be positive and optimistic all day long, and be totally wrong.

While I agree that optimism and positiveness are good, I do not agree that we should be optimistic without being truthful.