The People of the Last Days

I was reading the words of the Apostle Paul in 2 Timothy 3, as he described the nature and attitudes of people in the last days. Here is how he described them.

He said they would be totally self-centered.  These are people who genuinely do not care about others. They are overly concerned with getting things and as much money as they can get, and they do not care how they get it.  They will break a window and take what they want.

They are full of contempt and hatred for others, such that they will not even listen to reason.  You can't talk to them because they are not interested in reason or hearing what anyone has to say.

They lack human feelings for others because their hearts are hard having no knowledge of God, and this makes them fierce. Caring produces discipline, and they have none.

As bad as they are, they will get worse.  So what do we do?

Paul told us three things to do:

  1. He said to maintain our faith in what we have learned;
  2. Continue to declare the truth and goodness of God; and
  3. Be prepared to suffer for righteousness.



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