Divine Design Workshop

The Workshop is a five-week workshop that can be done from the comfort of your home, as well as in small to medium group settings.  

The purpose of the workshop is to increase your awareness of how you are designed, and how that design can be used in ways that will make life more purposeful, rewarding, and fulfilling.

The outcome of the workshop is to allow you to develop a vision and a mission statement with plans and goals for how you will accomplish your vision.

You Have a Divine Design

Your Uniqueness

You are a unique creation. Your uniqueness is a composite of your talents, gifts, passions, heredity, culture, experiences, the good and the bad, education and training. Even the words spoken over and to you have helped to shape you into who you are today. Do you really know who that is?  Some circumstances and events you will want to embrace and build upon, others you will want to dismiss and turn away from. 

Understanding your uniqueness is the first step is discovering who you are, and what you were created to be and do.


Your Strengths

Your strengths are actually your innate talents, that  include spiritual and natural gifts, as well as talents that God has placed in you from creation.

These are often things that come very natural for you, and that you just seem to be good at without a great deal of effort. Even though they come easily, they only become genuine strengths when they are developed by adding knowledge, training, and practice.

Think of them as tools that have been given to you by an intelligent Creator, who gave you these tools for a specific purpose that He planned for you. You will need and use them to perform your Purpose in life, somewhere and for someone.

Your Passions

Your passions are best understood as hot buttons that motivate you to move and take action. These are the things you really care deeply about.

It may be the problem you want desperately to solve, and it could be a particular group of people whose pain you want to remove. It may be some situation that brings tears to your eyes, or one that causes you to dig deep into your pocket.

Whatever that passion may be, it will connect you to God's purpose and plan for your life.  Do anything and everything to find it.


Bob from Gateway Church said . . .

"As I worked through the ID in Christ class at Gateway recently, Diana helped keep our group focused and created a trusting environment to help us share our insights and identify our spiritual gifts. Just as importantly, Diana then helped us create a strategic plan to use these tools in ministering to others. Diana has been blessed with the ability to turn Biblical concepts into 'real world' activities by helping us to discern God's will."

Amy from Gateway Church said . . .

""Diana was my coach over a seven week class on discovering your life purpose. She was fully engaged in helping me to uncover the things that resonated with me by asking questions and helping to articulate what I was thinking but struggling to express. She would check up on me during the weeks between classes and send additional information that she thought would be beneficial. I recommend experiencing Diana's heart and genuine care for your well being".

Are Any of These You?

Do you always focus on the future?

A Futurist

Are you always giving money to causes?


Is your heart full of compassion to help others?


When you begin to do what you were created to do, and where you were created to do it, you will have greater joy, success, and provision!