Spiritual Clarity

The picture you  see on the Home Page of this site, reminds me of the Spiritual Journey we are all on.  

It's a glorious journey, because our God is glorious. It is full of highs and lows, twists and turns. Sometimes it's light, and sometimes it seems dark.  But we know that God is there working all the highs and the lows together for our good outcome.  

Spiritual Clarity is to me, the most important thing for any believer. It is understanding God's will at any point in time and in any situation.  It is understanding God's way, regardless of where we are or what we are engaged in, and it is knowing the purpose for which God has allowed us to be where we are. 

It is a journey, and each of these components requires that we search diligently to know his will, his way, and his purpose. What does that search look like?  We search his Word. We seek his input and voice. We desire to know his heart. And we submit when knowing his will.  We accept even when we do not understand. We trust in the midst of uncertainty. And we move as we feel led by His wonderful Holy Spirit.  

Enjoying the Journey, and so Thankful to be on His Path