Discerning the Best Choice

I read that we make hundreds if not thousands of decisions every single day. Some decisions are not really important, such as what I will wear today or what I decide to eat for lunch.

But there are some decisions that do matter; and for those we often look for God's choice in the matter. It can be difficult, but not impossible.

Understanding what God wants us to do often requires getting out of our own head. That means walking through the forest of ideas so that we can see the trees.

As a Spiritual Coach, I listen in a nonjudgmental fashion. And I then pose questions that help you make your own choice, and hopefully the best choice.  Just having someone listen is a powerful medium to have in life.


Why Is It Some Decisions So Difficult?

When making decisions, we have to look at our situation from several different perspectives: from a rational perspective, an emotional perspective, a practical perspective, and for the Christian, a spiritual perspective.

That is a complex process that usually requires some type of focused help.  We need someone to listen to what we say, and ask the right questions that help us sort things out. That is where I can help as a Coach.

Spiritual Coaching is unique because you not only need someone to ask the right questions, but you also need someone who knows and understands God's Word in a way that can help you apply it to your situation, along with the other perspectives that must be considered.