Maneuvering Change

Breaking away from the old and embracing the new is probably one of the most difficult challenges in life. When we think about how fast things are changing in our world today, it can sometimes seem like an impossible achievement.  

Change can involve ridding oneself of bad habits that we developed years before. It can be learning how to do something different on the job, like going into a new career and position and having to learn how to do things all over.  It can even be making personal changes such as letting go of outdated stereotypes, attitudes, beliefs that are either outdated, or just plain wrong.

Whatever the nature of our change may be, it's can be a battle.  

Having a coach walk through that battle with you can be a blessing. Think about it. That Coach can be your accountability partner, or even a friend that can help you set the best goals to achieve your desired change.  

Moving from where we are to where we desire to be, is really the very essence of coaching.